What To Do Before Your First Class!

1. Read the FAQs

2.  Complete the Waiver Form.

3. Email Mestre to schedule your first class.  Aranhalives@gmail.com


About Us

Welcome to Allied Capoeira League.  After 22 years in the capoeira community, Mestre Aranha founded his own group in 2014.  He began training in Ukiah, CA in 1992 under Mestre Amunka (Capoeira Yokayo) and Mestre Rony (Capoeira Volta Ao Mundo).  His training brought him all over the United States and Brazil.  He landed in Tallahassee, FL for 10 years where he established a strong presence and developed a large number of great capoeiristas.  Today, a core group of teachers has joined Mestre in the mission to advance the art and practice of capoeira.


1.Can I drop-in for a class?  

Due to COVID-19 we do not allow drop-ins. 

2.  How do I take a class?

Check the schedule for the Intro to Capoeira classes. Complete the online waiver. 

Email Mestre to schedule your first class (aranhalives@gmail.com). 

3. What can I expect from my first class?  

You can expect a warm-up workout, some foundational techniques, and stretching. 

4.  What do I need to bring to my first class?  

Bring a bottle of water and a positive attitude. You will need athletic attire. Expect to try a cartwheel so longer pants are suggested.